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Typically uttered via chinese accents, means in english "flip flop", as in a sandle or a shower shoes.
Wang told me he had to borrow my frip frop because he broke on of his during karate.
by java monster February 25, 2008
A shower that lasts an extended amount of time, usually greater than an hour.
Jessica was going to shower; however, it was cold enough in her bathroom that she decided to have a shour instead.
by java monster February 25, 2008
A delicious brownie from someone's rectum.
I turned the bathroom into a bakery today when I whipped up a steaming fresh batch of terd muffins.
by java monster February 22, 2008
When editable goods become, or are naturally, too sharp and leave their digester's mandible ceiling in a mess of bloody, and usually painful, ribbons.
1.) Sorry, can't pronounce my L's because of my thumbtack salad this morning.

2.) Captian Crunch.

3.) A big salad bowl filled with thumbtacks, and dressed with scalding hot clam chowder, salt, and razor blades.
by java monster February 22, 2008
A very loose boundary. A limit that can be stretched like taffy. Usually used to describe financial ambiguity.
Well, since I'm making some where between zero and nothing, my income is kind of on a taffy bracket right now.
by java monster February 24, 2008
Small black uglies that escape from the dirty side of a brita filter. Usually found floating in a glass of what could be delicious water.
I puked on the front lawn today after realizing the dog dish was harvesting a brita critter.

Jill warned me not to drink from the bottom of the jug, where the brita critters dwell.
by java monster February 24, 2008
To become drunk and flavorful.
I just spent a hundred bones on booze, we're really gonna soil the cow today.
by java monster February 22, 2008
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