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109 definitions by jared

Da fuckin man. Better than 'the man'
Yo he crushed 10 bitches, he's da fuckin manzo!
by Jared April 25, 2005
To infiltrate the anus, often by force. May happen to either male or female.
I would like to Poo Stab her.
I heard he was a Poo Stabber.
Ouch - I got Poo Stabbed.
by Jared May 25, 2004
A cult like religion created by WWE Superstar Matt Hardy.
I follow Mattitude, baby!
by Jared January 27, 2005
Actually the low house advantage comes from knowing the precise mathematical combinations of the cards. If you don't know them, you might as well be wasting your money.
Blackjack is not as easy as AYB is trying to say it is.
by Jared November 02, 2003
A racial epitaph, commonly used to describe people of caucasian descent.
Whitey: "Excuse me kind streetbum, but do you know in which direction I need to go to reach 3rd Avenue?"

Streetbum: "Screw you honkee!"
by Jared May 26, 2004
Globular nasties in and around the vulva formed from dried secretions, lint and other vaginal nasties.
I woulda eaten you out, but I'm muffcheese intolerant.
by Jared May 04, 2004
1. money

2. currency

3. something that is being used extensively by a significant other
a. my bitch is snackin on my lootcakes

b. im runnin low on lootcakes
by Jared September 05, 2004