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a woman doesn't realize how beautiful she is. good listener, faithful, trustworthy, passionate, romantic and a great person.
"My new girlfriend is such a bittner."
by LockedUp July 21, 2008
A male who likes to use the drug MDMA also referred to as CAPS!!!
bittner does caps
by Capanator69 June 26, 2016
*a person who has no life
*likes to make your life miserable
*a teacher
* has no girlfriend and lives with 4 cats all by himself!
*assigns essays on winter and spring break!!
My teacher is such a Bittner, he enjoys seeing us miserable!
by HHS1986 May 12, 2009
A peice of ass, type II diabetes, some pussy
pussy slut whore cunt josh horse
Dones, wanna pick up some bittners and some insulin and head up to the chateau?
by Bitty bits November 27, 2007
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