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News of some event or information that is worthy of tweeting
Man I just won the lotto, how twitterific is that!
by invalidrecord July 06, 2009
sarcometer: A unit of measurement used to indicate sarcasm. (usually represented on the internet with keiki_ dots......)
Man invalidrecord pushed that joke way to far last night, It was a full five sarcometers!!
by invalidrecord July 06, 2009
A term used to describe the ideal look for a tight ass.
j "Boy does Shakira have a cute ass!"
t "Yeah man its two boiled eggs in a handkerchief alright!"
by invalidrecord June 27, 2009
When someone has left their parental home but is incapable or unwilling to be self sufficient and depends on their parents for financial aid.
t "Did you hear Johns parents are bailing him out AGAIN!"
j "Yeah man he needs treatment for premature emancipation"
by invalidrecord June 27, 2009
An annoying stupid lame postings on twitter, much like a irritating scuttlebutt except this one is brought into your home over broadband.
Aparently @wasteofspace just bought milk, what a load of twitshit
by invalidrecord July 06, 2009
A person who continual posts annoying and or stupid twitter updates, or who gets sucked in buy twitter schemes.
Did you hear about that new buy followers scheme. I signed up last night!

You fucking tworon
by invalidrecord July 06, 2009
The act/art of masturbating.
BOSS "Man the sales girls are hot"
SALES MANAGER "Don't whack one out in the office, there are cameras!"
"Wow that Mischa Bartons so hot I cant look at her without wanting to whack one out"
by invalidrecord June 27, 2009

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