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good, excellent, cool
he's a tome sham,

them tunes is tome
by anonymous April 25, 2003
91 42
a big, heavy, old, or ancient book.

in fact just any book, but book implies an average sort of book, whereas the word tome implies a big, heavy, old or ancient book. possibly an important or signifigant one.

The wizard opened his creaky, leather-bound tome of magic, and began to cast a spell.
by bobman October 06, 2003
52 30
attractive, W.Ireland. Possible Gaelic origin. Usually uttered by a man in reference to a woman.
John: Look at your wan, she's pure tome, like!

by Sweats O'Harrigan March 27, 2007
32 17
A very common adjective used in western Ireland. Meaning awesome, cool, amazing.
Ah lads, that's so tome!
by BatteryZombie January 20, 2011
16 6
A reference-style book, sometimes part of a series. Usually large and perhaps an exhaustive reference.
"Sex for Dummies" is a humorous tome of information.
by Indigo October 03, 2003
6 9
An overly large and dense piece of writing.
"Though 'On The Road' by Kerouac is regarded as a milestone in literature, it's a bit of a tome."
by Charlie Seattle October 05, 2003
6 12
Main character of the book "The Lucky Tome". Completely average in all ways other than his great running away talent, and his abnormal, and sometimes unfortunate good luck.
That Tome is a pretty ambitious guy, no wonder he gets into so much trouble.
by valyim February 05, 2009
1 8