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The urge to look through the windows of homes upon walking past them. Usually done for sexual satisfaction/curiousity reasons.
My! I once recall walking infront a curtain-less window and; being the cryptoscopophiliac that I am...I took a gleek and there was this hairy man bonking his wife senseless! I saw from her body only the wildfire bush of her na-na. Grossest!
by hytham_hammer November 27, 2005
Beauty + brutality : when beaty is used as a weapon.
See, cleverage for a hint.
by hytham_hammer August 06, 2005
to have sex and look at a porno and do like they do on screen.
now, let's get the neighbors for this Mongolian Cluster Fuck,(def no2) scene,hon...
by hytham_hammer July 09, 2005
the latest craze in the surfing world.
only for the real surfer...brrrrrrr*
by hytham_hammer July 08, 2005
vodka+Kahlua+espresso...garnish with chocolate shavings.
hmmm.... i need a javatini.
by hytham_hammer July 08, 2005
not hip anymore, but once was so. once..
man, the Beatles are said to be yesterday's fish sticks.. I cut my dick and wear it on me neck if dat's troo!
by hytham_hammer July 06, 2005
the shrinking of the penis , due to say..cold weather?
also a noun for a shrivelled, shrunk penis.
Marlon Brando once claimed he couldn't get it up due to a sudden acorn attack in the movie set..Well..Well, who thinks otherwise?
by hytham_hammer July 05, 2005

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