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1) handjob; 3rd base(m).
Steve: "Did you sleep with Sheila after the concert last night?"

Carl: "No, but she did give me a Balitmore Handshake."

Steve: "Nice."
by Hog1 October 24, 2003
1) one who parties with the endurance and focus of a robot.

2) Bret Wincup
Steve: "Did you see how many shots Sheila did last night? She must have downed about 14 Fruity Ha-Has and ripped 32 beers!"

Carl: "She's a total partybot."
by Hog1 October 24, 2003
1) Hottie who is learned in the ways of tax policy.

2) Liz Liebschutz
Steve: "Did you see that chick on C-Span in the red suit?"
Carl: "Yeah. That's Sheila's friend Liz. Total tax babe."
Steve: "Seriously. She's a perfect 1040."
by Hog1 October 24, 2003
1) (n) Condition whereby one’s forehead extends beyond the natural hairline and consumes the entire cranium. Afflicted beings are usually rendered hairless, and often times maintain a cranky disposition and lack tact. In certain cases, they are unable to use a t-shirt as a towel.

2) (n) John Enright.
Jacko: Hey, Human Forehead: how long have you had the human forehead?

Human Forehead: Do you want to hear a racist joke?

Jacko: No thanks. But could you pass me that t-shirt? I’m soaking wet.
by Hog1 June 03, 2004
Pronunciation: "sa-la-may"
Etymology: Corinian

1) In Philadelphia, indicates acknowledgment or understanding of a text message received via cellular telephone.
Salame (Text) example:

Text to Steve, From Craig: Yo. Can't make it to the bris. Something came up.

Text to Craig, From Steve: Salame.
by Hog1 June 21, 2007
1) one who studies with the endurance and focus of a robot.

2) Elizan Garcia
Steve: "Man, Shiela has been in the library for 3 straight days."

Carl: "She's a total studybot."
by Hog1 October 24, 2003
1)karate punch to the throat of some deserving jackhole; usually delivered with the phrase: "Oh really? How about a fucking throatchop instead?!"
Steve: "Where the hell were you last night?"
Carl: "Jail."
Steve: "What happened?"
Carl: "I was trying to buy corduroys at JCrew but everything was 'bootcut' and all i wanted was a regular pair. When I asked the dude if they had any regular corduroys he snapped, 'We only have the STANDARD bootcut'. So I said, 'STANDARD bootcut?! Really?! How about i give you a STANDARD fucking throatchop instead?!' and I let him have it right there."
Steve: "Shithouse."
by Hog1 October 24, 2003

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