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by hammer---;, hytham March 24, 2007
Turkey's philosophy of open-mindedness and secularism.
Turkish people are one of the happiest people living today, because they left behind them a heritage of hate and bigotry of Islam, supplanted by freedom and music, art and modern life in all its manifestations.
The growing, shade-of-camel Muslim protohumanist JoeJihadi mind-'closet' is putting layák on the backfoot. Terrorist bombings like those happened at the Turkish resort town of Antalya in 2006 (and who knows what's coming next?), represent the camel's nose of the quest for freedom!
by hammer---;, hytham April 11, 2007
Foreign aid-workers in Africa!
Like in many other developing parts of the world, African people are xenophobic at best and are biased against the white aid-workers who risk their lives in order to give help and much-needed aid to those revolving bastards!
Aid workers aren't even saved by irony: they are known as mere pinkies to Africans!
by hammer---;, hytham April 11, 2007
The male version of a fag hag!
A Fag Stag is one who sympathies with gay men, or is a 'homosocial': he can receive a blowjob (called interestingly 'bro job') and is genderflexible (a.k.a. heteroflexible), in other matters than getting his D wet, like getting involved in a bromance (brotherly romance), or deeply get man-crushed on some other male!
by hammer---;, hytham April 12, 2007
The years in which we're now (00-10) or the 00s.
A lot of neo-words were suggested to describe the decade we live in right now, but many of these weren't as good as the zips.
Here's a list:
-the earlies.
-the beginnings.
-the peacefuls.
-the tookies (from 2Ks: Years 2000).
-the ohs/ oh-ohs.
-the zeros.
-the aughts/ aughties.
-the naughts/ the naughties.
-the the 00psies/ 2000-psies (resounding the dot-bomb effect!). Also: the dooming 2000s.
-the oozies.
by hammer---;, hytham April 17, 2007
Trauma inflicted on a partner during sex from pressing too hard, or repetitively thrusting your body into your partner's causing injury.
That weird syndrome is a result of years of masturbation where your thrusts are controlled by hand grip and that makes it harder for you to carry on with the same rhythm and strenght in real act sex. Sufferers usually lack sensitivity in their sexual organs and finally succumb to desensitization.
Also: TMS.
-Widower's Syndrome (Widow's Syndrome in women) is the 'mirror-disease' of Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome: a condition caused by lack of sex/masturbation that mighy lead to impotence.

Another urnio-genital skin condition is cunnily called Onan's trauma: hardened penis skin that lack sensitivity from way too much 'jerking the gherkin'!
by hammer---;, hytham April 12, 2007
Gay black man that only has sex with white gay men.
Snow queer? Bwa-Haha!
by hammer---;, hytham April 12, 2007