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The worse thing ever to be created.
If you own ringtone, check with your doctor. You may be a dumbass.
by dehidral767 June 21, 2005
The noise one's cell phone makes when a call is made. Usually is a song the person likes, taken off the internet.
Check out this sweet Enter Sandman ringtone I got on my cell phone!
by Jibi Hendrix April 08, 2005
Simply put, a waste of time and money, ESPECIALLY the ones from that terrible TERRIBLE company called Jamster. Anyone who obsesses over something so stupid should be shot in the head, and crapped on.
"omgz lookit mah new Crazy Frog ringtone yo!1!"

"DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE!!" *shoots dumbass, then smashes phone*
by SomeBadJOKE September 13, 2007
A derogatory response toward a person who makes generic remarks often associated with television and mass media. Deriving from the fact that the generic remark is so overused you can buy it as a ringtone for your phone.
G. Talk to the hand etc..
R. Yeah, ringtone!
G. Whatever minger etc..
R. Yeah, ringtone!
G. Am i bovered.
R. yep, ringtone!
by Dan Air January 06, 2006
another word for an embarrasing fart
Q: "what was that?"

A: "oh nothing, it`s just my ring-tone"
by Ring Tony February 03, 2010
the timbre of one's fart
he stood there so proud
his ringtone was loud
"i'm forever blowing bubbles"
wafted into the crowd.
"well done kev!"
by theWestHamfan December 30, 2003
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