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Yet another example of noun verbing, starbucking describes an action anciently known as "going out for coffee".
The verb probably originates from some shopping-mall in Seattle, but is now widely used around the world, in the most diverse places, though almost always by college educated twenty somethings who are always broke but don't mind paying fortunes for useful things like coffee and white mp3 players.
Starbucking: Like, when I was in Beijing, I so totally starbucked in the Forbidden City.
by Onigiri December 19, 2005
30 8
The act of Starbucking refers to the mass global-organising of certain shops or products appearing everywhere in daily life. For example, Local pubs in England have followed almost the same trend due to the Government changing their appearence and interiors, making them identical to other pubs.
*5 friends enter a pub after coming from another pub*

Oliver: "I'm feeling Deja-vu"
Peter: "This looks exactly the same as the last one!"
Steven: "What did I say? Starbucking, It's happening everywhere, Man!"
by Gary King, of the Humans August 10, 2013
16 1
The practice of airline customers who have only 5 minutes to make their flight on the other side of the airport, but yet still feel the need to stop at Starbucks (or another coffee counter) for a latte which results in either A) delaying a flight full of customers or B) the "Starbucker" yelling at the gate agent when he/she arrives at the gate and finds out his flight left 5 minutes ago.2
The idiot missed Flight 69 to Hawaii because he was starbucking. Came running up with that big latte and yelled at me because I let the plane depart without him.
by EWR CNX January 11, 2010
8 3
Copying the Starbucks™ business-model all across the World on an unprecedented level. Startup companies that has copied the franchise-scheme of Starbucks coffeehouse (small vendors/ neat outlook/ gourmet catering...), are now called 'Startbucks'!

Also, university classes called 'Starbucks studies' are now being taught at some colleges across the United States, too!
Starbucking is so popular in Third-World countries like India and China that these countries started their own carbon-copy Starbucks (complete with that famous green logo), but the Starbucks company is going to open nearly 100 franchise outlets in India by the end of 2007 in retaliation!
by hammer---;, hytham May 02, 2007
9 7
*verb; the act of going to starbucks
K: Where are they?

A: Oh, I think they are starbucking right now.

K: We should starbuck sometime!

A: I know, we haven't starbucked in forever.
by aaroneous January 21, 2008
6 5
Starbucking: (v) to meet with others at high-priced, non-alcoholic beverage retailers for random, comfy-couch conversation and people-watching
Hey (insert friend's name)... I feel like Starbucking, wanna come?
by Gramr Qween October 27, 2011
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