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The natural and permanent cessation of mestruation. Occurs in women usually between the ages of 45 and 55. Results in the inability to produce children.
Kid 1: Hey, what's up?
Kid 2: I just learned my mom has menopause... looks like I'm not going to be having anymore brothers or sisters!
by KillaPBJ March 17, 2006
Old women can't have no mo' babies.
Shelby: I missed ma period!!
Chatarra: You got menopause!
by yo momma November 27, 2004
A special time in a woman's life when they can't have babies anymore. They get hormonal, mean, rude, short-tempered, angry, and awkward. Bad time for teenagers to live with their moms.
She was mean because she was going through menopause.
by Ssssshhhhooooaaaawwwwttttyyyy September 24, 2008
just one of the many excuses women have to bitch about everything they see
Woman: "Sorry, I'm just going through menopause!"
Man: "So, is that your excuse to be a complete and total bitch for today?"
Woman: "Pretty much!"
by bored15yrold March 01, 2012
when a man needs to take a break from work, and has to tell a woman about it whilst being watched by his freinds / colleagues, whilst the woman in subject is going through menopause
man to woman "i need to take a men-o-pause"
woman " real funny wise guy"
by fathead431 November 03, 2009
When Yo mama so damn BIPOLAR\

Or is A Bitchy 99% of the time

and or a black Devil
When Yo mama threatens to wake yo tail up wit a belt and then in 2 seconds flat transitions into singin "open the eyes of my heart" ( But your saying in yo mind this Menopause bitch needs to shut the hell up and go get some Prozac)
by WhenIGetmyweave March 04, 2013
A relapse of the brain from reading a mindless, pointless piece by Plato.
When one forgets entirely what they were doing from reading a redundant dialogue by Plato that does not give any definitive answer to the question asked in the piece.
I was sitting in Honors 111 as we discussed "Meno" by Plato. I was next to Camille and my mind went absolutely blank and I had no idea what happened for the last 10 minutes. I looked over to see her doodling a depiction of my shoe. She must be suffering from Meno-pause like I am.
by boredatsalisburyhonors September 27, 2010
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