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man juice; semen; can be used as a noun or a verb
"He just freshly squeezed all over me last night!"
"Pump that freshly squeezed bitch!"
by dtf in oc December 27, 2008
Referring to a small new born child straight from the mothers womb.
Did you see that women's baby, kid was freshly squeezed!
by Paddylebee October 21, 2014
A term used to describe the tasty outcome of a dude stroking, wanking, or squeezing out a fresh load of spooge.
1) I just bought a cookbook called Natural Harvest full of recipes with freshly squeezed...semen. One of my favorite recipes is Cream Cum Cakes. Yummm... I'm inviting all of my male friends over to start stroking and cooking.

2) Can you imagine a cooking show based on recipes with dude spooge as the main ingredient. It could even be called Freshly Squeezed.

3) On the night this guy Josh joined his fraternity the guys had whipped up something special for him. They all stroked out load after load of spooge for him to drink from a glass. He had some swallowing to do because his fraternity is more ways than one. Because he was still soooo thirsty some of his hose happy frat buddys let him suck on their sausages for even more of their freshly squeezed juice. Being a pledge has always been tasty business in that fraternity.

4) I've always been a milk drinker but my favorite brand of milk comes from the bulls not the babes. If I could buy freshly squeezed Nut Cream from the grocery store I would be in homolicious heaven. I could only imagine the kind of label that would be used by the producers of Nut Cream. I could even imagine being one of the hard workers who have to milk the bulls every week. Talk about fantasies of drinking on the job.
by Happy Wolf June 03, 2011

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