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Meaning mad, totally rad, f*cking awesome, badass.
Random: That cars rims are mad.
Me: I know, they're so bec.
by Peter. November 29, 2006
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1. A beautiful, intelligent person who is the nicest person you will ever know.
2. Geoff's better half.
Girl, "If only I was as sexy as Bec"
Girl 2, "I wish I was as clever as Bec"
Girl 3, "Damn Bec has a hot boyfriend"
by Geoff March 01, 2005
Bitch Eating Crackers. Everything this person does annoys you, even something as simple as eating crackers.
Taken from the meme, your BEC is that person who you can't stand.

Kim: Look at Erica over there reading that book, so annoying.

Jules: dude, she's just reading, you just think it's annoying because she's your BEC.

Kim: yea, but look at her flipping the pages and shit.
by Icedice January 19, 2015
a Bacon, Egg, and Cheese sandwich. Add '+K' for additional ketchup
mmm breakfast at the country cow, get a BEC +K
by sir david of loxley August 11, 2005
i lovely homo sapian, who is wise beyond all measures. she is beautiful, sexy, and the meaning of life in general. everybody enjoys spending time with bec.
girl 1: "i dont know what to do about life in general"
girl 2: "read becs book, words of wisdom"
girl 1: "i wish i was as wise as bec"
by trsdcuvbijhnilkm September 01, 2010
Bec is a the easiest girl to get along with that you will ever meet. She has the biggest booty, one that Beyoncé could only dream of. If you are into rough sex and gagging then you will sure get along swimmingly.
Don't piss her off though because she will do everything in her power to kill you. I don't know why I am writing this, as it seemed funny at the time. Hi Bec.
Guy 1: You see that hot girl over there?
Guy2: Her with the big booty?
Guy1: Yeah, that is one hella booty.
Guy 2: Yeah, with an ass like that, she has to be a Bec.
by Iliveinfrancelol October 23, 2014
The most amazing and gorgeous, funny, hot chick you will EVER meet. She's "so yummy" She loves to ripstik and loves to surf. She's ah-mazing, obsessed with cats, especially grumpy ones. She's patient and easy to hang with. If you do not ever meet a Bec in your life then you have not lived! Your life has truly been boring if you dont know a Bec. Can always make you feel better no matter how hard you are at being stubborn. She will be successful in anything she does because she is one of a kind. Always be loved.
Laura: That bec chick is the best
Olivia: I LOVE HER!
Laura: ME TOO!
Olivia: Lets go hug her
Laura: OK!
by no.on April 13, 2011

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