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a minns is a type of moustache which is rather patchy and light it colour. Common in germany
Scott had trimmed his Minns and was hoping trevor would notice
by gringo1 May 02, 2005
This is where someone is really pissed and doesn't know what there doing. Munstered people often have no idea what they did the next day
After 2 beers Rod was Munstered
by gringo1 May 02, 2005
A strange Hairy beast usually with a festy ass.
The stench of the dwyeresque was too much for Coops to bare. Strangely Lara found dwyeresque attractive
by gringo1 May 02, 2005
reclusive male that masturbates excessively
It was raining all day so mathew stayed inside and made himself a geppy
by gringo1 May 02, 2005
A "Belli" is a very hairy orifice
David looked down and noticed she was extremely Belli downstairs.
by gringo1 May 02, 2005
Collective noun for a group of people who are struggling.
That team have IBID syndrome
by Gringo1 May 01, 2005
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