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A strange Hairy beast usually with a festy ass.
The stench of the dwyeresque was too much for Coops to bare. Strangely Lara found dwyeresque attractive
by gringo1 May 02, 2005
3 Words related to dwyeresque
(noun) Devastator of the Jedi, and poster boy for the downtrodden worldwide, (adj) To triumph over adversity, and Jedi lynch party conspiracies, (vrb) the act of defeating Wyoming based evil empires, and Tropo-based cunnies, and HOSIPAD freaks.
(noun) Grand master Padawan Dwyersque
(adj) He's done a dwyeresque, what a champion, (vrb) he's dwyeresqued the lot of them!!
by seive May 03, 2005

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