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12 definitions by grandmalseizure

body lice caught from a person you paid money to have sex with.
Little did she know as we drove through Kemmerer that the saber-tooth crotch crickets I gave her had their origin in the cathouse up on the hill.
by grandmalseizure May 01, 2005
61 23
place above timberline for abusing substances and others
my knapsack zipper broke on the way to the cabin and I lost all the hootch.
by grandmalseizure May 01, 2005
18 13
to settle scores by posting mean personal references to the Urban Dictionary.
Half the entries I see as an editor are rejected cause they are solopsistic, urbanmeant shit.
by grandmalseizure May 01, 2005
3 0
See da cunt, but youse the reglar definition for this bad word
Da sooent was ubikitoos in da wet dream.
by grandmalseizure May 01, 2005
1 0
Saturday, beginning at opening time, spent in the bar after friday spent in the bar without a designated driver.
Cooled the night away in my backseat and used the cab money to start my sabado caliente.
by grandmalseizure May 01, 2005
7 9
the otherwise lovely girl nobody would date because of her large nose. Can be shortened to sabak (pronounced soh-bak)
Fat, bald and ugly, nonetheless, i could have fucked that sabak up on the mountain trail in front of god and everbody.
by grandmalseizure May 01, 2005
17 30
LIke definition number 2, but sarcastically, cause the bitch is so self-stuck.
That bitch Dorothy never did touch my dick. that mf*ckin aphrodite did think her name means Gift from God.
by grandmalseizure May 01, 2005
11 26