How "hood" people say fifty cents.
La' Quishaaa: "Ay! You got fitty cent?"
Shantish: "Na, I ain't got fitty cent"
by Mdjew22 April 22, 2008
A fag who gets shot for "cracking" on other people who cant keep his fucking mouth shut and look at himself first..HE SUCKS
by -Andrea- July 27, 2003
a rapper that wishes his record were worth fifty cents. rap sucks
Me: your dumbass paid twenty bucks for a fitty cent cd, i would pay a fuckin penny.

wannabe gangster: yo so what nigga, fo' shizzle, yo dawg imma bust a cap in yo ass son.

me: im not your fucking son, retard.
by MetallilbangeR April 13, 2005
A "rapper" who was shot several times when In a gang and should have been shot one more to make sure he was dead.
by yo mamamamamma April 03, 2003
a rap super star who can not properly pronounce words or rap properly. genrally crappy at rappin'.
damn that fitty cent is shanty home-dawgassniggasay whoot.
by Wanksa-bansta April 03, 2003
50 Cent in ghetto style: Fitty cent
Rapper1: Fuck u man, Fitty cent owns your moma
by CraCKtobeR April 10, 2005
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