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7 definitions by gladi

Australian slang.
see pompommybastard
Derogatory term.
Very effective at upsetting Englishmen during a cricket tour of Australia.
Frequently appears in major Australian newspapers during these tours.
Shut up ya pommy bastard!!
by gladi July 10, 2008
47 7
Australian slang.
To fall over.
Jacko went cunt up on that tree root.
Dave knocked my beer and it went cunt up.
by gladi July 11, 2008
33 5
Australian Slang.
Term given to the erection hard on which occurs in some combat soldiers about to enter the battle ground.
Australian Army uniforms are designed to accommodate the onset of a battle fat.
by gladi July 11, 2008
32 5
Australian slang.
reasonably polite and socially acceptable.
Hey johnno, ya drop kick.
by gladi July 10, 2008
61 40
Australian slang for Adult pornographic print publications.
Glossy format enables easy removal of fluid spillage.
Most commly read by males and butch lesbians in luchrooms at places of employment.
Known cure for blueballs syndrome.
My stickbooks arrive via mail subscription.
by gladi June 26, 2008
21 2
Australian Slang.
Erection of the female nipples.
That sheilas all nippled up.
by gladi July 11, 2008
20 2
Australian slang.
A male urinating.
I'II just drain the spuds and be back soon.
by gladi July 11, 2008
19 3