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Australian slang for Adult pornographic print publications.
Glossy format enables easy removal of fluid spillage.
Most commly read by males and butch lesbians in luchrooms at places of employment.
Known cure for blueballs syndrome.
My stickbooks arrive via mail subscription.
by gladi June 26, 2008
australian term for porno / girlie magazines, usually kept out of public view at workplaces. So called because of the chance of causing erections.
I need to take a dump, where do you hide the stick books?
by ralph dark August 16, 2012
Noun. (Australia) A stick book is a soft core pornographic magazine, such as "Picture". The term is commonly used in the mining industry.
Shiftboss: "Right oh boys, the bean counters are coming down the hole for a look around today, so make sure all the stick books etc. are out of sight".
by Rancho_relaxo March 06, 2014
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