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Tits that are so huge, they spill out the sides of bra cups and can be seen between the chicks arms and her sides.
She had a tiny waist, but from behind, you could see her tits had major spillage.
by not the momma November 05, 2010
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see muffin pants

when you see a person who's pants fit so tightly around their waste that their fat spills over their pants.
person 1 "she's put on alot of weight"
person 2 "i know, her spillage is hangin' out everywhere"
by jx December 06, 2004
The extra cum that drips out of a girls pussy
"Woman clean up your spillage! There's a trail from here to the bathroom!"
by OHSHITRAINBOW August 03, 2013
When the cunt's meat sticks out from being fucked by too many dicks.
"I tried to go down on the bitch but that shit all fucked up, she had a major spillage"
by Slippery Slick April 11, 2008

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