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4 definitions by ghostdog

you, you dumbass.
hey paole (pah-o-lee), pick up that shit!
by ghostdog October 31, 2003
An obervation from one person to another that they are not thinking with logic.
Damn foo you be hittin' the foil or something?

Excuse me sir I have made a keen obervation that you might have been hitting the foil because of your unwise decisions.
by GhostDog July 06, 2003
Ejaculating in one partners mouth. While at the same time punching them in the stomach. Resulting in semen emmiting from sid partners nose.
John gave Jane a frothy walrus.
by GhostDog July 05, 2003
to kick the bucket - die
My grandmother kicked the bucket a couple of years ago. She was 101.
by GhostDog March 08, 2005