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1.The act of quiting in midgame. Usually associated with cryptic, lame excuses designed to cover the real reason; they just cant cut it.

2. The behavior of a "non-hacker", quitter, wimp etc.

3. Walk away from a serious or solemn obligation obtained under false pretenses leaving your friends, associates and supporters in extremis.
Dave: Affter we had sex for a solid month, I saw she was getting serious, I was bailin like Palin and getting the hell out of there.
Bob: Nice.

Coworker: Your emails to that slut in your secretaries office were just made public. What are you going to do?
Boss: Bailin like Palin...see ya.

Football fan: When TO doesn't get the ball he's balin like Palin
by gfeet July 04, 2009
Derogatory name for the Jacksonville Jaguars football club.

Jacksonville is a black hole for talent that sucks the life out of every NFL Sunday they 'play". The stadium is a relic from Knute Rockne's day and the fans all look like Earl from the NBC TV show...

The Jags just cant connect the dots.

Gotta good quarterback? Shucks yall we don't need no receivers. Got a great defensive line...shucks yall we don't need no decent corner backs...and on and on and on. When they finally get the formula right...they trade away the best pieces the very next year.

They suck so bad now they cant even sell seasons tickets.
Dude, did you catch the Faguars game on TV yesterday?

No , I was busy clipping my toenails, then I had to wash my hair...
by Gfeet September 22, 2009
Describes when men " pleasure " themselves after a Girls Gone Wild Video or other event where drunk young college age girls expose their breasts.
Meanwhile at a big spring break party...

Dave: Dude..I'm soooo wasted...
Fred: Yeah man...oh my god shes going to do it!
Dave: Who?
Fred: Surfer tits..you know...surf and turf!
Dave: oh..Oh OH There goes the t-shirt! Look at those righteous tities!
In unison " Yanks for the Mammaries!

Dave goes to grab his crotch but misses and collapses in a drunken stupor.

Fred ,50 years later is visiting Dave's grave site. He thinks to himself "Good times...good times".
by GFeet January 13, 2010
Derogatory name for the New Orleans Saints football club.
Aint no playoffs, aint no fame ,da New Orleans Aint's got no game.
by gfeet June 23, 2009
(or pre-jesus) Adverb: Defines embarrassing nasty, immoral or illegal things people do before they get "religion".
Dave: Dude, check it out! I downloaded a copy of Prejean's sexting video.

Kyle: No shit?! The prejesus beat off video she sent her geeky boyfriend?

Dave: Yeah, that one. Look at her dig for that clam!
by Gfeet November 14, 2009
A private university in , oddly enough, Jacksonville Florida.

In the beginning Jacksonville University was an all womans school dominated by the fine arts and general liberal arts education. As the school slowly grew the board of trustees wanted to cultivate a "Harvard of the South" image.

Today, Jacksonville University is a coed university of around 2000 students offering a general liberal arts education dominated by the Fine Arts department at Harvard prices.

Other than that, the university has no distinguishing features or achievements other than the campus is reasonably pretty and the city of Jacksonville is passable a place as any to spend your time while going to college.

Jacksonville University is referred to by its students as simply JU. It is referred to by the faculty as " The Hardest University In The World to Get Fired From"

It is the college students in and around the Jacksonville area. " went to once" or briefly considered while attending the famous JU Student Center Keg parties, before they sobered up of course.

Like most colleges, JU has a bunch of fraternities...rah rah rah. Unlike most universities JU has no sports programs to speak of and almost no community support for the programs that do exist. JU had a brief fling at national exposure in men's basketball in the early 70's. Like all things JU, the team lost to UCLA in the NCAA tournament final and rapidly faded to obscurity as the citizens of the fair city of Jacksonville droped JU like a bad habit.

Other than that...nothing.

JU could have been a great school except that the short sighted Board of Trustees have a good comfortable thing going as do the faculty. Just as a sports or academic program seems to be taking off, the Board pulls the rug out and puts the money back in the fine arts department.

As they say, JU put the "ME" in mediocrity.

Go Dolphins.
Where did I graduate from college? Jacksonville University? No, no..I went there once.
by gfeet June 23, 2009
The act of inadvertently ( or purposely) ratting out a friend , acquaintance or celebrity using Twitter.

( Also see drop a dime or snitch)
Dave though he had the perfect alibi for missing date night with his steady girl friend until Bob dropped a tweet that he was getting a lap dance at Mr G's Gentleman's club.

Tiger was sneaking off from sex addiction rehab until a local waitress threatened to drop a tweet on him.
by GFeet February 27, 2010

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