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Collision detection, used in video games. When an object in a video game strike or make contact with another, it is the collision detection or clipping thaw detects this.
That new game has terrible clipping
by Vcphreak January 14, 2005
having sex, usually with a broad whom you toss after using.
Charlie: Yo what are you doing tonight?

Dave : Clipping that broad from accounting.
by tikibean99 October 06, 2010
Clipping is a penalty in American football in which a blocker will hit a non-ball carrying opponent from behind and below the waist. Not to be confused with block in the back, which is essentially the same thing but the contact occurs at or above the waist.
Clipping is a foul that usually results in a 15 yard penalty.
by Teresa from OK February 21, 2010
Slang term for "Dating" in Western Pennsylvania.
More preferable for a male to describe his status with a women.
Guy1: Hey, what are you doing tonight?
Guy2: I'm taking this new girl I'm clipping out tonight.
Guy1: Aw sweet she got any sisters?
Guy2: Naw, sorry bud.
Guy1: It's alright, it looks like another night of smackin it...
by W to the Alrus September 21, 2010
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