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4 definitions by gemini18

something you chew on when your bored in class
i've been chewing 3 pieces of gum for the past 4 periods
by gemini18 November 15, 2007
356 72
Something that is made from almost any type of fabric and it worn on your body. Also used for some people to judge other people to make themselves feel better. (cause their stupid)
Girl: "Like OMG where did you get those clothes?!"
by Gemini18 December 27, 2007
50 24
short for never, good for txting and writing in notes
I would nv go out w/ him!!
by gemini18 October 24, 2007
26 18
short word for never. great anytme wen tlkin 2 ur frnds.
I wld nv go out w/ him!!!
by Gemini18 November 01, 2007
21 18