41 definitions by futuramafan

the worst people next to to the guys at peta.they are always enforcing censorship,taking their kids to sporting event that the don't wan't compete in,and going to pta meetings
Me:hey dude,have you heard blood sugar sex magik?

Soccer Mom:how could your parents let you listen to that smut!
me:well,because my parents don't care if a song has cuss words in it.they know its not their decsion whast i listen to.
later i come in contact with the same soccer mom while playing my on hot minute cd
Soccer Mom:turn that stuff off!there are children present!

I grab my machette and slice her head off and continue my day
by futuramafan May 26, 2008
a great song by the chili peppers off their brilliant album by the way
Can't stop addicted to the shin dig
Cop top he says I'm gonna win big
Choose not a life of imitation
Distant cousin to the reservation
by futuramafan May 23, 2008
one of the best bands ever.were formed after kurt cobain died
the foo fighters albums are:foo fighters,the colour and shape,there is nothing left to lose,one by one,in your honer,and echos,silence pataince,and grace
by futuramafan March 17, 2008
cool smashing pumkins song
My reflection, dirty mirror
There's no connection to myself
I'm your lover, I'm your zero
I'm in the face of your dreams of glass
So save your prayers
For when we're really gonna need'em
Throw out your cares and fly
Wanna go for a ride?

She's the one for me
She's all I really need
Cause she's the one for me
Emptiness is loneliness, and loneliness is cleanliness
And cleanliness is godliness, and god is empty just like me
Intoxicated with the madness, I'm in love with my sadness
Bullshit fakers, enchanted kingdoms
The fasion victims chew their charcoal teeth
I never let on, that I was on a sinking ship
I never let on that I was down
You blame yourself, for what you can't ignore
You blame yourself for wanting more
She's the one for me
She's all I really need
She's the one for me
She's my one and only
by futuramafan March 11, 2008
very underaded show on comedy central
lil' bush he's lil' bush lil bush lil bush-the lil bush theme song
by futuramafan March 07, 2008
the greatest show ever.canclld in 2003,but brought back in 2008
futurama rulz!they shoud have never canclled it!
by futuramafan December 30, 2007
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