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41 definitions by futuramafan

1)getting high.2)severly underrated red hot chili peppers song
My tendency
for dependency
Is offending me
It's upending me
I'm pretending see
To be strong and free
From my dependency
It's warping me
by futuramafan May 10, 2008
peter griffin's least favoraite country
canada sucks!the more you know.
by futuramafan February 08, 2008
kurt cobain's first song
corn on the cops,corn on the cops,the cops are coming.they're going to kill you
by futuramafan March 09, 2008
reading while impaired.
do you know how loud you are reading?-what policemen say when you get a rwi
by futuramafan February 16, 2008
the most evil network.they cancel great shows like futurama and arrested development,yet renew crappy shows like mad tv and the oc.
me:fox is evil! idiot:what are you talking about they show the best show in the world! me:what is it? idiot:mad tv! me:you suck!
by futuramafan February 04, 2008
where the music went
mtv sucks.fuse is better
by futuramafan July 21, 2008
the shittiest "band" ever.
girl:LiKe OmG FaLl OuT bOy Is ThE gReAtEsT bAnD eVeR! dude:get a life.fall out boy sucks.if you want real punk,listen to sex pistols. girl:wHo'S sEx PiStOlS
by futuramafan May 21, 2008