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41 definitions by futuramafan

bloddy amazing smashing pumkins album
adore rocks!buy it now!
by futuramafan February 18, 2008
the worst,most evil person ever
hitler is a doushbag
by futuramafan April 28, 2008
the hot(but always called ugly)teenage daughter of the griffins
meg griffin is hot.very hot
by futuramafan May 02, 2008
great fast food chain.but whataburger is better
jack in the box owns!
by futuramafan March 08, 2008
a song by the red hot chili peppers
I know I know for sure
That life is beautiful around the world
I know I know its you
You say hello and then I say I do
by futuramafan March 07, 2008
when a band sells out
red hot chili peppers are a good example of californiacation
by futuramafan February 27, 2008