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Lighter cousin of emo (fusion of albino and emo). Albemos still cut themselves, whine like shit and are constanly depressed, however, they dress lighter than emos and usually have lighter hair (which still covers their faces)

Tryhard emos (which themselves are tryhard goths).
Since he went back to smoking, Tom has become such an albemo.
by fatty fatty fat fat June 16, 2006
uber: ultimate, above
market: as in supermarket

ubermarket: gigantic supermarket; extremely large with an infinate number of isles and registers.
that new ubermarket is like woolworths ... only on steriods
by fatty fatty fat fat June 25, 2006
A primitive game (reputedly invented by Abigail and Aron) involving the creation of humorous or intellectual phrases from an everyday word - thus turning the original word into an acronym (hence acronymage).
For example, in a game of acronymage-
RAPE can become:
-reaching arm, playing elephant
-racist albino punishes ethnic
-raw artichoke promotes euthinasia
by fatty fatty fat fat July 20, 2006
Description of a person who is particularly wimpy, flinch or unconfrontational. Can be abbreviated to eesh or esh. Eeshlay can also be used to deride a person who is affraid to undertake an activity.
Stop being an eeshlay and tap-that-ass!
by Fatty Fatty Fat Fat October 14, 2003
The activity of religiously studying a subject. Usually entails great enthusiasm for the material, and is usually applied to a person of a nerdish standing.
Quit doing nerdups u geek
by Fatty Fatty Fat Fat October 14, 2003
An adjective describing a person of an abnormally full figure. Used to subtly imply that they are overweight/obese without directly causing offence.
- Derived from the saggy, flabby portion of Terry Wogan's chin.
Look at that Wogan over there! She needs a few less pies!
by Fatty Fatty Fat Fat October 14, 2003
Abbrieviation of Wogan wogan. Used to cause insult more quickly than the full term. Can be repeated or chanted to greater effect e.g. Wog wog wog!!!
Wog, wog-wog-wog-wog! (in a whooping manner)
by Fatty Fatty Fat Fat October 14, 2003
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