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Lighter cousin of emo (fusion of albino and emo). Albemos still cut themselves, whine like shit and are constanly depressed, however, they dress lighter than emos and usually have lighter hair (which still covers their faces)

Tryhard emos (which themselves are tryhard goths).
Since he went back to smoking, Tom has become such an albemo.
by fatty fatty fat fat June 16, 2006
A term used to refer to an emo with bleached hair. A hybrid of the words "albino" and "emo". Pronounced al-bee-mo.
Check out Ashley's bleached hair, she looks totally albemo now!
by Monstagirl March 18, 2010
a particularly white skinned person usually of british decent that is classified as an emo
"dude, you listen to deathcab and you cant tan.. your hell albemo"

albemo - "that emodude is so white hes practically transparent"
by The aesthetic voyager February 24, 2009
(Noun) blonde Emo.
Hey! Albemo! you better get some sun!
Hey! That jumper on da bridge is some albemo chick!
by Uncle Pervy September 02, 2010
A very pale Albino member of society, that is also very emotional. Therefore linking the words Albino & Emo.
Normal person: "Hey milky-bar kid!"
Albemo: "Fuck off vanilla face."
(Albemo cries)
by Anonomouse November 27, 2006
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