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The most caring, loving, technologically advanced boyfriend one could ever hope for.
Aron is my sole reason for living.
by katrinalane May 01, 2005
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somethin like a pimp in this day and age. one of the tightest names to ever have been created by mankind. derived from the latin word meaning "God, or King of Crunk"
That dude is a straight Aron for real.
by ya boy A.D. May 03, 2004
The best their is. he is nice, smart, caring, lovable, tough, hot and an average looking guy.

He is the guy that every girl is looking for.
Aron you are the best.
by Kaaaaaaaaaane!!!!!!!!!! August 25, 2011
Aron is hands down one of the best guys you will ever meet. He is smart, caring, lovable, hot, laid back, sweet, sex god, and very manly. If something needs to be done arons will do it will style. The seem to have a very unique and awesome personality and ways of going about things. All the guys want to be like aron, and all the girls want to date them. Arons are the best friends and best boyfriends ever. If you get a hold of one be sure to hold on to him.
Guy 1: man, if only I could be like aron.
guy 2: dude, I know, he's got it all.

Girl 1: god, that girl is so lucky, she got an aron.
Girl 2: I know he is perfect
by :):) :): ) June 04, 2013
Aron is the kind of guy most girls look for. He is sweet,caring,generous, cute, great personality,strong, fun to hangout w/, and hilarious. He will try his best to make someone he loves feel better. He is very confident. He will compliment you. He is . You just don't know what he will do next.
Aron: You are beautiful
Me: (Smiles)

Aron: You are more beautiful with your hair down.
Me: (Smiles)
by Da' Bunny <3 November 01, 2013
Aron's usually have a very very small penis and they are too afraid to show it off. Due to this, they usually stay virgins until about 50
Wow, look how small that penis is, it must be an Aron!!
by James10294 February 24, 2014
The guy that you trust and care about and then find out he was just leading you on as a hopeful booty call.
Aron: I still have feelings for you

Girl: I have feelings for you too!

Aron: But it would never work, I'm leaving...

-A week later-

Aron is now in a relationship with *******

Girl: WTF?!
by wackjobchick June 11, 2009
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