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Made popular from the teen movie Superbad, in the scene where the employee at the liquor says "Fuck My Life".

fml is an easier, faster way of saying something when nothings going your way.
Broseph: Yo i got a 85 on the test, how'd you do?
Brosk: I failed, fml.
by fattehboi March 28, 2008
a mammoth joint filled entirely with an assortment of drugs. marijuana, opium, angel dust, meth, painkillers etc. Half of the ingredients are unknown, but one things for sure, it fucks you up.
Bro: dude take a hit of this you'll be fine.
Scro: I dunno man, I guess so.

*smokes jeffrey*

Bro: yoooo what are you doing calm down!
Scro: My hearts beating fast, whats in this jeffrey even?!
Bro: I don't know dude, just rub a furry wall you'll be okay.
by fattehboi June 05, 2010
Gives Me Hope

It's like an FML, but way less depressing, and gives people a sense of hope for humanity.
Today, I lost my virginity. I'm an avid WoW player and spend most of my time on Digg.com. GMH
by fattehboi May 31, 2009
Another word for bro, broski, dude, broseph, and man.

Common among high school and college males
Friend1: Yo man whats going on?
Friend2: Not much brosiah, heading to a party.
by fattehboi March 29, 2008
The equivalent to the drunk dial.

1. Texting the opposite sex with excessive emoticans

2. Texts that are not readable unless one is also under the influence.

3. Texting random people just to spark a conversation
;-) :-D <3333

"we shfhould tttoly hngouta sum1time"

yo bro..how's college life mannn gettng any or whattt

all are exmapls of tipsy texts
by fattehboi February 10, 2009
When playing pong and only having one ball because all others were lost, too dirty, or crushed in the process of beer pong.

bob: yo man wheres the other ball?
todd: dunno man, guess we're gonna have to lance armstrong it
bob: goddamnit
by fattehboi September 20, 2008
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