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a term commonly used by irate checkers legends when MSN fails to open checkers or oftentimes even start. also, if i met bill "i'm a paedo" gates this is the phrase i'd shout in his face.
Jim "game of checkers my good man?"
Rob "yes why the devil not!"
MSN "sorry we are crap... try again later."
Rob and Jim in unison: "FUCK RIGHT OFF MSN!!"
by failure33object April 25, 2005
(1)to be completely surprised by something unexpected. sounds like it originated in the 60's.
(2)probably also used by 'hip' street 'dudes' to describe blueprints.
(3)can be used in checkers to prepare an opponent for a major wipeout.
(1)"wait 'til Moe see's how hammered i got without him! he's gonna plotz!"
- H J Simpson
(2)"hey hip dude, check these plotz for my new house, dog." - hip street dude
(3)"when you see this wipeout you're gonna plotz!" - checkers player #1
by failure33object April 24, 2005
a phrase indicative of reluctance to perform a task or a blatant show of anger at something/someone. often used by participants in one-on-one games, ie checkers, when one player feels s/he has been cheated.
player 1 "hey, you can't use the half-pincer! that's unfair!"
player 2 "this is my checkers board!"
player 1 *smashes the board* "GET BENT!"
by failure33object April 23, 2005
phrase invented by david dickinson to describe anything worth describing. can give fame to anything once said... an antique, a checkers player, a KFC meal, a sock. no-one knows who the real man bobby dazzler is, possibly he is jesus or the triple d in cognito.
"wow that kfc popcorn chicken was a bobby dazzler, let me tell you!"
"yep, it'd make the duke proud!"
by failure33object April 23, 2005
a phrase used to incite fear in an opponent, so much more than simply 'it's on', the inclusion of primate legend Donkey Kong stems from DK's penchant for victory. used by one Steve Stifler in American Pie 3 to provoke Mr Paul Finch. also, the worst insult/compliment that can be used in a checkers game.
"its on like Donkey Kong, beee-atch!"
by failure33object April 24, 2005
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