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An offshoot of the shocker. It is giving a woman a shocker and then her parents walk into the room. Named for Gabe Focker of "Meet the Parents"
I was giving her a shocker and then got the focker. Her dad punched me in the face and then gave me $350 bucks not to see her anymore.
by JacknRochNY November 29, 2007
to be used in exchange of fu*kers, bast*rds, or a$$holes
Hey, those fockers stole my car!
by Alicia V. September 12, 2003
'focker' or 'fock off' or 'fock you' is what chavs say instead of fuck. Their mentality is that of a two year old and their speech has not yet developed.
see also goff
chav-'oh you, fockin mosh 'ead goff, get out my fockin way you focker, or i is gonna bang you ou'.

Normal dude-sorry, dont speak that language, try english, eh?

chav-donts' be cheeky now, or ils' bang you out like, innit?

Normal dude-what did you say you were in?

chav-come on then

*normal dude walks off*

chav-sholid, yah, innit bhled that wo' i fort.
by *killer doll* November 10, 2007
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