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an ancient foodstuff invented by aborigines. they would gather a variety of nuts from the forest and cook them in a light pastry. the sort of thing Ray Mears might enjoy making. in some cases the aborigines would roll the nuts up in a leaf and light it, thus creating a nut cigar.
Ray Mears: "what are you doing there?"
Aborigine 1: "gathering nuts for a nut pie."
RM to camera: "he says he's gathering nuts, for a nut pie."
Aborigine 2: "sod off, Ray."
by failure33object April 18, 2005
a popular alternative to the boring "invite", this is often used to lure someone into a game of checkers as they are powerless to resist its Pied Piper-like effect. created by Rob McLean on a rainy day.
"if there is a better alternative to invite, i'd like to see it!" - Rob McLean
by failure33object April 26, 2005
evil twin of Donald Duck and uncle to 3 other ducks named huey, duey and louie. made the stovepipe hat cool. i believe Slash, of Guns n' Roses/ Velvet Revolver, stole the idea of wearing a stovepipe hat from Scrooge McD.
Slash: "hey Axl, i'm gonna wear a stovepipe hat from now on..."
Axl Rose: "Wow man, awesome!! why?"
Slash: "cos i wanna be like Scrooge McDuck and Marc Bolan!"
by failure33object April 24, 2005
a form of musical escapism invented by the mystery that is Jethry Benadine. consists of off-key drum beats and severe battering of guitars. overexposure will result in blindness and/or deafness.
electtrivia - a big deathly cocktail of conflicting noise.
by failure33object April 30, 2005
an intricate play used in games such as American football, hockey and checkers. involves forming an enclosure around a player to force him/her into submission. favoured by Mrs. Doubtfire, transvestite nanny, and Saint Jackolas, checkers icon.
St. Jackolas "man, check my badass half-pincer on Macaulay, Mrs. D!"
Mrs. Doubtfire "ooh very nice dear!"
Macaulay "please let me go home now."
by failure33object April 23, 2005
the best place in the universe. frequented daily for two whole years by Rob McLean and Jim Davies. a place of indescribable awesomeness, The Alcove is a small step, housed by a concrete alcove, perfectly built never to be tainted by sunlight.
"the coldest stone on earth"
"the only place where phil tranters filthy hands cannot reach in the grounds of hereford sixth form" - Rob McLean
by failure33object April 22, 2005
jethry benadine is a legend in the true sense of the meaning. he is known as the man responsible for putting the 5th string on the banjo and is also credited with creating fruity penny chews. he was born under the zodiac sign scorpio in 1908 in a bath.
"jethry benadine is a genius for coming up with that 5th string idea" - tom jones
"jethry where have you gone" - song by banjo-kazooie
by failure33object April 16, 2005

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