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to give smaller than the correct amount
fuckin bitch skimped me on that 8th, shit only weights 2.9 on the digi
by 187 October 26, 2003
To give less than is expected.
The cafeteria skimps out and gives me a lame spork.
by Dusty April 12, 2005
A slightly crazed punk chick in the southeast of England.
holy fuck! look! its a skimps!
by DJ2k8 August 06, 2008
1. meaning someone who thinks they are way cooler than they actually are.

2. someone who gets with whoever they can
that kid paul is suchha skimppp
by balllllerjock April 19, 2010
A person who tries their hardest to mooch off of friends, family, etc. This act of 'skimping' may be completed in various different ways such as forcing people to give you rides, asking for people to pay for you and just never paying them back, and going to someone's house and eating all of their food. Skimps are notoriously known for never saying thank you. Someone is NOT a skimp if people OFFER these services and are happy to do it.
Me: Jesus H. Christ, that kid Ryan is SUCH a skimp. He made me drive him across town to get food and then had me drop him off at his friend's house and didn't invite me.

You: Shit. Did he say thank you at least?

Me: Nahhh. Does he ever say thank you?

You: Never. Your girlfriend Chiara is a skimp too right?

Me: Are you kidding? I have no problem driving her around. In fact im happy to do it. She's not a skimp at all. Also she repays me sexually
by Theadorable July 28, 2010
Usualy a name for a person who partys or is 'trippin-out'. Floridas underground party scean.
"Ay Brosive, I'm Skimpin Yo!!!"

"Dude look at david over there, he's such a skimps"
by trevorondeck February 25, 2009
a code word originated in a Florida 'drug house' meaning a person was high/is high.
"Look at 'skimps' over there"

"he's skimpin"

"im totaly skimped"

"they call me skimps"
by greg-bird July 10, 2008
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