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Short for Gabriel Yrigoyen.
Gabe is Gabriel Yrigoyen
by Eric January 07, 2005
A lame state to the north of the great state of Texas filled with jealous assholes whos only argument is there football team is better. Their school (OU) isnt ranked in the top 100 schools while Texas is ranked 15th in the world. So while you have a better football team we are getitng a better education. I lived in Lawton Oklahoma and that place was pretty shitty like the rest of Oklahoma. Oklahoma has no city that even comes close to Austin. Norman is just a crappy small ass hicktown with jack shit to do.
Oklahoma is a pile of crap.
Texas is far greater than Oklahoma.
by Eric December 20, 2004
The name of a game played 24/7/365 by people who know of its existence. The game is played by first saying "Shenanigans", then, the person who said it is allowed to hit or otherwise hurt anyone within earshot of them at the time that they said it. The main target tends to be the groin on males and the chest on females. People who are within earshot when "Shenanigans" is said must say the word "Mulligan" as soon as they hear it to prevent being a target. If someone is hit either before or while you are saying the word "Shenanigans" or after they have said "Mulligan", you are considered to have cheated and they get a free hit on you. Note that saying "Shenanigans" lasts indefinately until each person within earshot has said "Mulligan"
Bob: "SHENANIGANS!" *smacks Tom in the groin*


*Bob hits Tom in the groin*
Tom: oooh, that's a free hit! *smacks Bob in the groin without penalty.*
by Eric February 08, 2005
an extremely retarded private school in danville for ugly people and prude girls who do nothing but homework, recycle, and protest animal rights. YAY ATHINEAN!
bob: anne is such a prude ass liberal
joe: yea i kno, she must go to athenian
by Eric December 13, 2004
Barack Obama a social marxist who uses quotes of communist such as cezer chavas and has communist Flags and che gavarra posters in some of his campign offices He Hates America and wants to us your taxs dollars to aid Africa and any non-white refugee who wants to enter your country .He refused to denounce the racist Louis farrakans endourcement and belongs to a All Black Nationalist Church he has recieved support from the racist Al sharpton a man who is Indirectley responsiable for The arson and murder of a White store owner as well as a black security guad This man could not fairley represent all of America and he sure as hell couldn't bring unity amoung Americans
If barack Obama gets elected I think many white Americans will flee the United states as Whites fleed south africa because their Human and civil rights where not protected I also think he will create suicide bombers and revalutionaries because people will be forced To react against him and his genocidal policies
by Eric March 11, 2008
slow ass cars made in japan, usually riced out beyond belief by the owner.
that vr4 ran a 15.9 where as that stock ass mini van ran a 15.7.
by eric March 10, 2004
In favor of liking the ass as if one were gay.
That Jon guy is really an assfaggot!
by Eric February 09, 2004
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