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best game in teh entire world.
Asherons Call r0x
by er April 10, 2003
a god with super-human appearances, damn sexy and amazing at like, everythin, kicks muchos ass, true.
i wish i was a BeNnO
by er August 26, 2003
Most Creed songs, especially "With Arms Wide Open"
Man, that "With Arms Wide Open" is one gay-ass song.
by er July 15, 2003
Simply meaning PERFECT.
Everyone wants to be like Sazzyrox because she is so perfect.
by er November 09, 2003
The sound Zach Snyder makes because of his tourettes
er er er salalalala er er pene er
by ER December 19, 2004
some food the campo water polo team made up relating to penis, pasta and parsa
Pene Pasta Para Parsa
by ER December 16, 2004
crazy and drunk.. niggaaa`
"yeah nigga i was gettin some and we was crunk last night it was crazzy
by er February 23, 2005

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