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a god with super-human appearances, damn sexy and amazing at like, everythin, kicks muchos ass, true.
i wish i was a BeNnO
by er August 26, 2003
A typical class A snitch who wears a wire and grasses more than Randall from Recess.
Ahh lad benno went and informed the bizzies on us.
by The night firm July 28, 2016
aussie slang for benefit money (welfare money)
Stevo hurt his feelings at work and now collects bennos cause hes a lazy fuck
by antonio negrito May 11, 2014
someone who repeatedly says something which I think is a sly dig at me
it's strawberry blonde
by Afrodizirex February 21, 2005
Shemale whose nads stink of smeg.
A sick person who buggers all kinds of furry animals.
EEeeeeeeeeeew smells like a Benn0 tbh =(
OMG don't you go all Benn0 on me
by Eric August 27, 2003
gingerman, owner of

see heatholder
benno is ginger, he leaves red hairs in the shower.
by kyle October 05, 2004
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