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Spanish for penis
1: Oh, hola amigo, tu tienes no pene!
2: I dont speak spanish
1: Thats good because right now you would want to kill me!
by Hizzo April 11, 2003
The correct plural of penis which almost no-one knows about. Simple latin is beyond the average American.
"As they removed their pants, i got the feeling i was in a great redwood forest of penes, waving all around me."
by ColdFusion July 16, 2003
penis, dick
I let my girl suck my pene last night.
by Wheto Ford April 11, 2003
The correct usage for the plural of penis. However, it should not be a real word; because there should never be a sentence involving more than one penis.
Drunk slut: Oh, I sucked so many penes last night

Random guy: That shouldn't even be a word.
by webbedtoehero January 16, 2011
A zangy combination of the words penis and peepee to describe a man's lovin' stick.
My girl licked nutella off my pene last night... I was sad i didn't get any nutella... but i did get off.
by touchmypene May 02, 2007
A penis, something that I have.
I have an 11 inch penis... AROUND. well not *QUITE*...
by Sabian June 03, 2004