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What you get in the toilet after taking a crap that felt like it came out sideways.
After hours of pushing and straining, Zach splashed a weapon of ass destruction in the toilet.
by Ed November 05, 2003
Female groupie of rodeo cowboys
His trailer was filled with buckle bunnies after the show
by Ed March 19, 2005
a black woman who carries her self with high respect. usually brown to dark complexed women are seen as real "sistas"
"that beautfil sista has got it going on"
by ed June 09, 2003
A chach is someone who has been a douche enough times to be considered something more irritating. So, being a chach is definitely worse than being a douche.
Every time we go out with that guy, he ends up hitting on my girlfriend. He's definitely a douche bag with chach tendencies.
by Ed November 01, 2004
the act of getting domed while DRIVING

CAUTION: !not for beginners!
I was getting road head and crashed into a telephone pole.
by ED March 26, 2005
Northern Virgina: a place where most new-money-yankees gather to ruin the image and gentile traditions of Virginia. Most of these people are cocky, from the north, where gel, and live in new surbanite-developments with little class or culture. Fairfax county wishes it had the old virginia estates and homes of the West End of Richmond points: (1) The elitist of Southern Virginia are well-bred, more classy, have just as much money, and love their state more than NOVANS. For the most part, Northern Virginia is disgracing the rich traditions of Virginia, even if it does have lots of money it has no class. In addition, is very wealthy city Richmond. In conclusion, Northern Virginia belongs with the state of Maryland for two reasons: (1) It's people and ideals are not Viriginian, per say. (2) Lots of these people are not native Virginians, instead; they are outsiders who become cocky by making money in Washington D.C. So Northern Virginia, please do the rest of the state a favor, and become part of Maryland. Northern Virginia you're money will not be missed because you have no class. Long-live Richmond and the tidewater for her valor, glory, history, and honor.
Gel Head from NOVA: Hey, youuz guyz, my dad just made a million off some high tech invention.
Gel Head # 2 from NOVA: Thats sweet maybe we can go put that money into your new HONDA CIVIC rolling on shitty ass rims.
by Ed November 14, 2004
(n.) The title of a movie made by Michael Moore. The title is inspired by an older movie and book titled "Fahrenheit 451," about book censorship. The movie consists of real video clips with a narrative voice-over.

The subject of the movie is the presidency of George W Bush and the terrorist attacks in the United States on September 11th, 2001. The movie criticizes many aspects of Bush and his handling of the attack.

Critics of the movie complained that, though the movie uses real video clips, the presentation and editing of many clips is out of context and misleading. Moore and his fans praised the movie as an example of free speach and an exposition of facts.
No example necessary, it's only one thing.
by ed July 25, 2004

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