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An adult who is sexually attracted to children. Pedosexuality is a common sexual orientation the world over, but is by no means as common as like-age attraction. Pedosexual tendencies can be identified in virtually everyone, but are discouraged due to Puritan-influenced attitudes about sex that endure to this day.

A minority of pedosexuals are exclusively attracted to children, while the majority are either "happily married" or "celibate." Ideal professions for pedosexual individuals include: Guidance Counselor, Gym Teacher, Priest/Youth Minister, Senator, Pop Star, Party Clown, Santa Claus (Seasonal), and Elementary School Principal.

Slang terms for pedosexual include: pedophile and pedobear.
Margaret always watched Junior Gymnastics in the nude because she was a pedosexual.
by Paula Deen, Ya'll! June 29, 2013
a term used for people who are attracted to children. different from pedophiles because pedosexuals have never touched a child.
pedosexuals live by the code "look but don't touch"
by kaliman248 March 05, 2011
A non-existent word invented by pedophile activists as part of their ongoing effort to legitimize and legalize the sexual exploitation of children.

See pedophile.
Bob is a pedophile but he calls himself a "pedosexual" in order to portray his deviant sexual desires as a mere sexual orientation. The rest of us know Bob is really just mentally ill.
by Ed January 21, 2005
1. A person who engages in completely unnatural behavior towards young children.

2. A term made up by pedophiles to try and make themselves look unjustly opressed.
Pedosexuals cannot be allowed to reframe things so as to make themselves look opressed.
by FVZA May 20, 2006
A made up word that sick pervs use to justify wanting to have sex with children. Only the most sick and twisted people use this word.
Andy thinks that it is perfectly fine to want to screw children and calls himself a pedosexual.
by P-jfan February 06, 2005
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