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Eric Cartman is a ginger kid, but only because he made fun of them and stan wanted to educate him.

i watched the south park episode with a ginger kid

kids with red hair and really white skin. the cause of this is a resessive ressesive gene. if you are a ginger kid, and your wife or husband is a ginger kid, all of your children will be ginger kids.
Eric was turned into a ginger kid by a daywalker

Anthony is a ginger kid

you could have been a ginger kid
by Ed February 07, 2006
Someone who says they support free speech. On the left wing of the political airplane. They hate the military and long to see America humiliated. They like to kill babies. Most Democrats are liberals. Many are treehuggers. They oppose George W. Bush and his actions because they are a bunch of whiners. They complain about everything that conservatives say that hurts their feelings. Most blacks are liberal.
Never show a liberal graciousness. If you offer him/her an olive branch, they will smack you with it while simultaneously hugging the tree.
by Ed April 03, 2005
The best president since Reagan. A Christian from the great state of Texas. A buttload of idiots hate him because he's killing off the Muslims that murdered a couple thousand Americans. Much better president than that asshole womanizer Bill Clinton. Nicknamed "Dubya".
Bush is killing off the Muslims for God.
by Ed April 06, 2005

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