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Bliss: None Of The Above
Matt K. is a:

by Doug April 14, 2004
Something a faggot would type in a tragically ironic attempt to seem l33t
Alec: i'm
Alec: l77t
by Doug March 06, 2004
A most evil creature who would run 30 miles to ambush you on your way home from the local to rub your head in the dirt, rob you of all your money and your entire memory of the night's events.
I felt fine in The Swan and Three but woke up with a banging headache and no idea of how i got home!
by DouG August 06, 2003
Noun. The kind of viking who is always happy and outgoing, and is often interested in world affairs. Cannot be used to describe similar vikings who may or may not be happy and/or outgoing. The name greasy viking is slightly misleading as many vikings did actually have regular and thorough detox sessions and were relatively clean and pleasant smelling.
Man: "Hey there what can I do for you."

Greasy Viking: "Hi I am a greasy Viking and I am on crack."
#viking #greasy #smell #detox #happy
by Doug May 21, 2008
Adjective used to describe Soren, when no other combination of desciptions will work.
That Soren...he's so..uhh..soreny.
by Doug April 11, 2005
Noun. A dork made of cork. Not neccessarily from southern Ireland.
Lady Friend: "Not only are you boring, greasy and nerdy but you are also made entirely of cork. Sod off."

Cork Dork: "Ok."
#cork #dork #ireland #lady #sex
by Doug May 21, 2008
pot smoking deviced... real sweet
I smoked out of the dooma today and it fucked me up.
by Doug March 26, 2005
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