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Bliss: All Of The Above
A firetruck can be:

A. Big
B. Small
by Doug April 14, 2004
Another names for Trainers
Gonna get some new Treads!
by Doug November 24, 2004
The act of playing fast on a guitar. It can be done with grace, anger, and ownageness
Steve Vai shreds like a madman
by Doug April 12, 2004
Slurry Muff, adj. The vaguely erotic act of filling a girl's muff up to the brim with fresh farm slurry while she sleeps. Can, and has, been used for many years as a humourous party trick on both land and sea, as well as Bar Mitzvahs, cocktail parties, coronations and the international textile market.

Especially popular in parts of Glasgow, where it has acquired something of a cult status for some obscure reason.

It is also regularly referred to in the light hearted ending of the BBC news at 10. Incidentally, this is also where Natasha Kaplinsky's massive head can usually be seen.
Lame guy: "Hey guys, Meredith is asleep. Lets draw on her with a marker pen and stuff!"

Doug: "No you wanker, lets slurry muff that bitch!"

Can also adapted for use in popular nursery rhymes for all age groups, i.e:

Mary's sleeping, Mary's sleeping,
Fetch the slurry, Fetch the slurry,
Pump it in there, Pump it in there,
Lick the remnants, Lick the remnants

(London's Burning)
by Doug May 20, 2008
Contraction of the proper nouns China and India. Handy, shorthand way to reference both countries at once. These two countries are often mentioned in the same sentence because they both have emerging economies, and many jobs are outsourced to them. Also the adjective "Chindian."
Information technology (IT) outsourcing to Chindia grew at an annual rate of 17% last month.

Chindian call centers now handle 60% of all customer assistance calls worldwide.
by Doug March 28, 2005
becoming bored with discussion of gay related issues or gay celebrities
MTV has caused more gay fatigue than any gay guy or lesbian could dream of. Imagine, 20 million teenagers a day learning to think being gay is so normal that it deserves coverage 24/7.
by doug March 10, 2004
The most uber stupid, idiotic twat you know.
Leroy is a shitcunt
by Doug November 08, 2003

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