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pot smoking deviced... real sweet
I smoked out of the dooma today and it fucked me up.
by Doug March 26, 2005
This word is a derivitive of multiple ancient business jargon. It is a descriptive word used when an individual or group of people have more than one boss that are a pair of fucking assholes
I cant believe this I have to work the weekend while our parofuah are out golfing
by Doug August 25, 2004
Showing Off, For bravado, or for women (or both for that matter). posturing, or attempting to be the "alpha male"...
flossin, floss, flexin', etc...
"There's some fine bitches up in here, i gots to start flexin the mexican, nah mean?"
by doug March 25, 2004
Able to be sorted.

A word that's now used often in the computer processing world.
The information contained in the database is sortable by column heading.
by Doug March 15, 2005
Cance's definition of something that is both slippery and slick. (Chemistry term)
"This chemical is very slickery"
by Doug April 13, 2004
see giant smurf
(v) The action of woobling your poop- monkey.
(n) eskimo's hat.
"Help! Someone stop this man from woobling my poop-monkey!"
"Help! Someone stop this man from woobling my pooopyoble!"
by Doug March 21, 2004
Bong hit, clearing the chamber, stoned.
"The only way I deal with my boss, is by rippin' a tube before go to work"
by doug April 24, 2003

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