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to cum------------- from the song CANDY SHOP
melt in your mouth girl, not in your hands (ha ha)
by doug February 13, 2005
When something is amazing according to Doug.
Doug Says: That is quite amazing.
by Doug March 18, 2004
A hoedad is a tool used to plant trees, and was adopted as the name of a collective group of tree planters based in Eugene, Oregon and who became influential in the West Coast counterculture.
I used to be a memeber of the hoedads, then I toured with a rock band, until I got my PhD in anthropology and two kids and a mortgage.
by Doug February 22, 2004
1.John Kerry
2.Everyone who voted for John Kerry.
"That Kerry guy is such a Dumbass."
"Yea Bush is A LOT better."
by Doug November 22, 2004
One who shits and jacks off simultaneously.
"That gay shacker deserves it"
by DOUG October 10, 2003
The absolute weirdess city in the world. This city lies on the Southern end of Lake Erie and is inhabited by idiots.
a city that is cool?
by Doug February 21, 2005
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