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When something varies in greatness.
Life refers to positive things.
Death refers to negative things.
That is of life.
This is of death.
by Doug March 18, 2004
To be got.
Dude, why are you so irish? Asshole.
Got 'im.
by Doug March 12, 2004
Someone who wimps on when its their turn to hit bong.
Hit the bong John you fucking jizzgibbon!
by Doug November 08, 2003
To be sedentary, especially chilling in avoidance of work.
Sometimes instead of doing work, I sit at my computer, browse some web pages and stylobate as I view them.
by Doug March 31, 2003
Getting head, a blow job.
Mike-"you trying to get the piece tonight?"
Doug-"yeah i need my dick sucked"
by Doug December 06, 2004
Another name for police
Oh No! Here comes boyden! Hide the shit!
by Doug December 03, 2004
A way to describe a really cool guy or friend
hey, how you doing muluntus?
by Doug November 25, 2004

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