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121 definitions by doug

you take a phone and lube it with hot sauce and stick it some ones ass.
Hunter likes to get the texas chilly bowl.
by Doug December 01, 2004
An individual who is looped up on psychiatric medications.
That girl's a j cat.
by Doug March 28, 2005
"like i give a fuck"
by Doug December 03, 2002
The BEST game ever created...
"Mr. Bliss' class does nothing but play Bubble Struggle."
by Doug April 14, 2004
when woman is hot but when she gets naked all you find is that she has a loose pussy ,a greasy asshole and stinks soo bad that you cant even bone her
I was hungry but I puked on the way down, go wash your ass you dirty butt slut
by Doug January 23, 2005
The degree to which one is fucked.
Our plans were in a state of serious fucktitude when Dave's car ran out of gas.
by Doug March 01, 2003
to fist fight, to engage in agressive interaction
Damn!, that guy can realy thump. he took on 3 guys at ounce.
by Doug February 19, 2005