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121 definitions by doug

A woman.
When my sandwhich maker stops working, I just hit it a few times.
by Doug March 12, 2004
a trick is a ho's customer, hence turning a trick.
that trick had a nice caddy, so i stold it
by doug March 11, 2005
(n) A fast retard
Vrooom! Zoomtard is the fastest.
by Doug February 13, 2004
It means the gay. You use t3h gh3y when you are referring to someone.
Dude, Max, you are t3h gh3y.
by Doug April 11, 2004
How one's going to kick it.
"How we gonna kick it? Gonna kick it root down." said King Ad Rock, in a rhythmic way of speaking.
by Doug June 17, 2004
When you wake up the next morning and she's sleeping on your arm so you gnaw your arm off rather than wake her up
by Doug August 13, 2003
Bliss: All Of The Above
A firetruck can be:

A. Big
B. Small
by Doug April 14, 2004