30 definitions by dilbert scrunchie

organised crime in the South Wales vallies (cross between taffies and Mafia)
that arson job on our club'ouse was the Taffia, deffo
by dilbert scrunchie July 17, 2003
young boy (usually) gay who wears dirty trackies, baseball cap, worn trainers, often untidy, a rascal or a little scamp
you sexy little scally
by dilbert scrunchie June 20, 2003
insult, short for "spin on this ..." (upturned finger), i.e. "go fuck yourself"
hey smart arse - just spin babe
by dilbert scrunchie June 18, 2003
fat person, usually middle aged
I sat on the bus, next to some enormous spread-bottom
by dilbert scrunchie June 13, 2003
aldolescent boy who does not yet ejaculate, or, generally - under aged/illegal gay partner
I waited for an hour in the bog, but all I saw was a cute blond pre-spunker
by dilbert scrunchie June 13, 2003
a tedious exploit, waste of time or otherwise disappointing activity
going to that club was complete arse-wank
by dilbert scrunchie June 11, 2003
figure or eight descender (aluminium device of that shape used in mountaineering and caving)
I've droped me fig8
by dilbert scrunchie June 20, 2003

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